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Ann Tudor

Photo: Jeff Davidson 2016

Ann Tudor has a B.A. in English from DePauw University and an M.A.T. degree from Vanderbilt University, so it's clear she didn't start out to be a cook. But while sharing meal preparation with graduate school roommates, she learned the joys of creating in the kitchen, regularly squeezing two four-person meals from a single chicken (and with chicken at a whopping nineteen cents a pound!). That was the beginning.


Later, like many a young woman of the era, she was chief cook and bottle-washer for the family, a default position that became, if not a career choice, a definite avocation.


Now she speaks from a position of having planned, shopped for, prepared, and cleaned up after tens of thousands of meals, in the course of which she has learned a thing or two about kitchens and cooking. In   Fast & Fearless Cooking she shares everything she can remember.

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Fast & Fearless Cooking for the Genius. For the Genius Press (Nashville, TN), 2016
Hesitating at the Gate: Reflections on Aging. Molten Gold (Toronto), 2009
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