Anne Konrad

Born in northern Alberta, Anne J. Konrad was raised on a farm in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia and graduated from the University of British Columbia. She married Harvey L. Dyck, and taught in New York City, New Jersey, and Vienna. She did graduate work in history at the University of Toronto and raised three children. She teaches in a Toronto collegiate and writes. Her short story collection, Family Games, was published in 1992. Other short stories and articles  appeared in literary journals, historical reviews, magazines and anthologies. Juggling teaching and writing was a challenge. Anne retired from teaching to concentrate on writing. She inherited her paretnts' archive and began to write a sage based on personal interviews and letters.  Anne's family saga, historically documented, is illustrated with five hundred photos, And in Their Silent Beauty Speak: A Mennonite family in Russia and Canada 1790-1990 came out in 2004. Touched by stories and lives of  her immigrant students and her parents' history as refugees fleeing the Soviet Union, she spent years searching for survivors of extended family members  who had disappeared in Soviet times.  Her quest, with travels to several continents by air, train, over muddy roads or lonely steppes became the book Red Quarter Moon: A Search For Family in the Shadow of Stalin, published in 2012 by the University of Toronto Press.  Anne has recently also edited a memoir written by the son of an esate owner family living in Ukraine before and during the Bolshevik Revolution.

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