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Antonia Banyard

Photo: Jess Phillips

Antonia Banyard is the author of one novel for adults, three non-fiction books for middle readers and two board books.


She has a BA (University of Victoria) and a MPhil (University of Queensland), both in Creative Writing.


She has worked in book publishing and/or graphic design for 20-plus years. As a child she emigrated from Zambia to Canada and currently lives in Nelson, BC.




City Bugs and City Critters (2 board books). Annick, 2018
Eat Up! An Infographic Exploration of Food. Annick, 2017
Water Wow! An Infographic Exploration. Annick, 2017
Never Going Back. Thistledown, 2010


Silver Birch Award, Nominated for Water Wow! and Eat Up!, 2017 & 2018
Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction for Water Wow!, 2017
American Institute of Physics Science Communication Award, Winner for Water Wow!, 2018
Green Book Festival Award, Winner for Water Wow!, 2017
Red Cedar Non-Fiction Award, Nominated for Water Wow! and Eat Up!, 2017 & 2018
EUREKA! Nonfiction Children’s Book Awards, California Reading Association, Winner for Water Wow!, 2017
Greek Book Festival Award, Honorable Mention for Eat Up!, 2017
Starred Selection, Best Books for Kids & Teens, CCBC for Water Wow! and Eat Up!, 2017 & 2018
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Antonia can tailor her presentations to different age groups. She uses visuals (PowerPoint slide show) and student interaction to engage the audience.  

Unpack Your Lunch

This presentation shows kids how something so simple, like their lunch, connects them to the world. Topics covered include how food is marketed to children, the science of nutrition, the global network of the food industry, and the environmental impact of food. Sometimes serious and sometimes silly, this presentation will be an eye-opener either way. Suitable for grades 4-7.


Water Around the World

This interactive presentation gives students an overview of many water-related issues. Antonia explores topics such as where water first came from, water distribution, how much water is in everyday things (water footprints), and the massive scale of water engineering projects. Antonia keeps students engaged with questions and fun throughout. Suitable for grades 3-7. This presentation can also be tailored to Grade 2.

Presentation Length:
45-60 minutes or a class block
Middle grade non-fiction
Grades 2-7
Audience Size: