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Claire Rothman

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Claire Rothman has lived all her life in Montreal. She has worked as a lawyer, a columnist for the Montreal Gazette, a literary translator and a teacher at Marianopolis College and McGill University. She currently makes her living translating for film and television. She has published two collections of stories, Salad Days and Black Tulips and a novel, The Heart Specialist.

E-mail: c/o Writers' Union of Canada
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Black Tulips. Ottawa, ON: Oberon Press, 1999.
The Influence of a Book. by Philippe Aubert de Gaspé. translator. Montreal: Robertson Davies Books, 1993.
The Traitor and the Jew. by Esther Delisle. co-trans. Montreal: Robertston Davies Books, 1993.
In the Eye of the Eagle. by Jean-François Lisée. co-trans. Toronto: HarperCollins, 1990.
Salad Days. Dunvegan, ON: Cormorant, 1990.
The Heart Specialist. Cormorant Books, 2009


John Glassco Translation Award for The Influence of a Book, 1993.
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Presentation Description

I am currently promoting The Heart Specialist, which tells the story of a woman doctor in  Montreal in the early days of the 20th century. I offer readings and talks about the historical context of this period of profound social change.

Workshop Description:

I offer workshops in creative writing, usually focusing on conflict and/or sensual detail (what literature teachers refer to as "imagery"). I introduce participants to the concepts, then read excerpts of my fiction in demonstration. After this, we dive in with on-the-spot inspired writing stints during which participants practise what they've learned. These workshops have been successful with a spectrum of ages. I have offered them in high schools, cegeps (junior colleges in Quebec), universities and to adults through the Quebec Writers Federation.

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