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Cynthia Reyes

Cynthia Reyes

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A Good Home. BPS Books, 2013
An Honest House. BPS Books, 2016
Myrtle the Purple Turtle. WEaverback Press, 2017


The Diamond Award for Book of the Year for An Honest House, 2016
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Children's Books: I use posters and interaction. The session is extremely interactive to get the students thinking and talking about the themes of the book. Themes include inclusion, respect for oneself and others, appreciating difference. The story uses humour and action to illustrate these themes.

(See also A Good Home, below.)

Memoirs: My books have been used to illustrate descriptive and evocative writing, as well as studies in migration, settling into a new country, dealing with loss and grief, and in discussing the meaning of 'home'. Themes of courage, love, honesty, inclusion and being kind to oneself and others are strong in my memoirs. 

I talk, read and evoke discussion with the students. 

Book 1 - A Good Home, starts in the countryside of Jamaica, and events and emotion are presented through the eyes of a child and adolescent. These early chapters in particular have been read and discussed in visits with students in Grades 3 to 6, and never fail to evoke lively response and discussion.

A Good Home has also been used to teach storytelling and descriptive writing to high school, university and mature students.

Book 2, An Honest House, takes place in Canada. It presents an intimate, intense and at times surprisingly humorous portrait of one woman's journey from privilege to sudden disability to eventual acceptance. Both these memoirs invite discussion, provocative questions are asked, and it's a joy when students reflect,  debate and discuss the book's main themes.

Presentation Length:
45 minutes
Two Genres: Children's Illustrated Books and Memoirs
K to 5 (children's books) and high school (memoirs)
Audience Size:
Up to 20