David Livingstone Clink (also published as David Clink) is a poet, podcaster, poker player, and punster. He has a degree in English from York University. He is the author of five books of poetry, and six poetry chapbooks. He has edited one anthology, and seven poetry chapbooks. He has been involved in running reading series in Toronto from 2002 – 2012, including the Art Bar Poetry Series and The Rowers Pub Reading Series. His website, poetrymachine.com, was a resource for poets for many years, but has not been updated in a while. David and Myna Wallin were the co-publishers of believe your own press, which published 20 poetry chapbooks in its 5 years (2002-2007), including WCDR Chapbook contest winner Resident Alien by Teresa Dunat Banks. David used to co-run (along with Sandra Kasturi) a day long poetry workshop called "A Fistful of Poems." David is the creator, host and organizer of the annual Dead Poets Society Night readings at the Art Bar Poetry Series, its twentieth running was held in December 2023, and David has since retired from running this event.

David's poetry has appeared in over fifty journals, including Analog Science Fiction and Fact (5 times), Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (3 times), Cicada, Existere (4 times), Grain Magazine, On Spec (twice), The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review (6 times), The Fiddlehead, The Literary Review of Canada (6 times), The Nashwaak Review (twice), The Prairie Journal, and in over twenty anthologies.

David's fourth collection of poetry (and second all-speculative collection following on Monster), The Role of Lightning in Evolution, was published by Chizine Publications in the Fall of 2016.

David's latest collection of poetry, The Black Ship (which contains a majority of speculative poems), was launched in November of 2023, by Aeolus House.

David is co-poetry editor (along with his sister Carolyn) of Amazing Stories.

David, along with Troy Harkin, have a bi-weekly podcast called, Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi. It completed its 5th season (14 episodes per season) in May 2024, and a 6th season will begin in August of 2024. https://2of.ca/

In April of 2024, David began a new podcast with novelist (and short story writer) Rachel A. Rosen, called Wizards & Spaceships. https://wizardsandspaceships.ca/

David is also on the board of CSFFA (The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association). He is the current chair of the CSFFA Hall of Fame, which "was created to honour people who have over the past number of decades made a great contribution to the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. These would include not just people who write but includes people who have made a contribution either professionally or as a fan."

David won the Aurora Award in 2013 for his poem, "A Sea Monster Tells His Story."

David has turned to writing science fiction short stories, and joined a genre fiction workshop.

To find out more about David, go to his Web site, www.DavidLivingstoneClink.com.

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I can present on many topics. I can present on the history of Science Fiction, on most topics related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Also on editing poetry and fiction, workshopping poetry and fiction. I have an extensive knowledge of movies and TV, and a good knowledge of written works, related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I am co-host of two different genre (SFFH) podcasts, and can present on starting a podcast, and talk about the topics that have been covered on Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi; and Wizards & Spaceships. 

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