Elaine Kachala

Elaine Kachala is the award-winning author of Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution. It is an NSTA/CBC Best STEM Book for K-12 (2023), a Finalist for the Middle Grades AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books (2024), and for the Red Cedar Book Awards (2023-24). Superpower? was also featured on best new title lists such as Children's Literature, TEACH Magazine, Tinlids, and Top Grade CanLit for the Classroom. Elaine is also a health policy advisor who has led the research and writing of health reports for governments and agencies for over twenty-five years. She has degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Toronto and a Master's in Environmental Studies from York University. Elaine is also a member of The Writer's Union of Canada. She lives with her family in Toronto.

City: Toronto, Province/Territory: Ontario
Nonfiction, middle grade
Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution
Orca Book Publishers
Elaine Kachala
Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution
National Science Teaching Association & The Children's Book Council -- Best STEM Books for K-12 Students
School presentation details
Audience Size
Intended Audience
children, middle grade (4-8), 9-12 years
Presentation Length
45 min approx
Presentation Description
Presentation description
  1. Brief introduction to the book and the topic of wearable technology:
  • I'll highlight what wearable technology is and how it works with examples of how wearables are impacting our lives and changing the world, including the pros and cons of technology; and,
  • I’ll introduce students to inventors, engineers, scientists, and young people navigating the next tech frontier of wearable computing and the challenges they face in designing responsible technology.

2. I'll briefly speak about what it was like to write this book.

3.  I'll use slides for visuals.

4. There will be Q/A opportunity.

5. I'll have free bookmarks to hand out and a Get Brainstorming activity (this is the last section in the book).

6. Notes to educators:

  • There is a Discussion & Activity Guide for this book; I'll bring a copy; it's also available for free download on my website (elainekachala.com) and on Orca Book Publisher's website (orcabook.com).
  • Superpower? is an award-winner! It's on the US National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) & Children's Book Council (CBC) Best STEM Books for K-12 Students (2023). I'm also honoured that it's on Tinlids Best Books for Schools & Libraries, Nonfiction, Fall 2022. It was also reviewed by SLJ and featured in TEACH Magazine (July/Aug 2022 Issue) noting the book for inspiring stories about inventors and a valuable resource for STEM/STEAM learning.
  • This book may be a helpful supplementary resource for the Revised Ontario Elementary Science & Technology Curriculum.      
  • After you contact me, we will chat so I can understand how to tailor my presentation so it supports your teaching and your students' interests and learning.

Book Image: Superpower? The Wearable-Tech RevolutionNSTA/CBC Best STEM Book Award Winner

Presentation Fee(s)
$250 + travel
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