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Eric Walters

Eric Walters

Eric began writing for his grade 5 class to entice them to write and read.  This first book, Stand Your Ground, was published in 1994.  Subsequently he has written 104 novels and picture books for children and young adults, which are available around the world and have been translated into 14 languages.  He has won over 100 awards including being the only person to win the Silver Birch 3 times and Red Maple 4 times.  He has presented to over 1.8 million people across Canada and around the world.  His presentations focus on aspects of the writing process, human rights, humanitarian efforts, and literacy.  They are mult-media, interactive and grade specific.  He does over a dozen different presentations for grades K-12, as well as doing workshops, and events for adults, and keynote presentations to teacher groups. 

Eric was the recipient of The Order of Canada in 2015.

He also is the co-founded of The Creation of Hope ( which provides ongoing support for over 250 orphans in Mbooni, Kenya.



Jungle Land. Orca, 2016
The Art of Picking Up Girls (and other dangerous things). Penguin/Random House, 2016
Batcat and the Seven Squirrels. Orca, 2016
Will to Survive. Penguin/Random House, 2016
Today is The Day. Tundra, 2015
Regenesis. Penguin/Random House, 2015
Innocent. Orca, 2015
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Say You Will. Penguin/Random House, 2015
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The Rule of Three. Penguin/Random House, 2014
Saving Sammy. Orca, 2014
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Engima. Penguin/Random House, 2013
My Name is Blessing. Tundra, 2013
Tagged. Orca, 2013
Power Play. HarperCollins, 2013
Between Heaven and Earth. Orca, 2012
Hunter. Orca, 2012
The Taming (co-written with Teresa Toten). Penguin/Random House, 2012
The Matatu. Orca, 2012
Just Deserts. Penguin/Random House, 2011
Catboy. Orca, 2011
Shaken. Penguin/Random House, 2011
End of Days. Penguin/Random House, 2011
Flyboy. Penguin/Random House, 2010
Home Team. Orca, 2010
Trouble in Paradise. Penguin/Random House, 2010
Branded. Orca, 2010
Beverly Hills Maasai. Penguin/Random House, 2010
Wave. Penguin/Random House, 2009
Shell Shocked. Penguin/Random House, 2009
United We Stand. Penguin/Random House, 2009
Wounded. Penguin/Random House, 2009
Tell Me Why. Penguin/Random House, 2009
Black and White. Penguin/Random House, 2009
Special Edward. Orca, 2009
Alexandria of Africa. Penguin/Random House, 2008
Splat. Orca, 2008
The Pole. Penguin/Random House, 2008
Voyageur. Penguin/Random House, 2008
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The Falls. Penguin/Random House, 2008
Boot Camp. Orca, 2007
Sketches. Penguin/Random House, 2007
Tiger Trap. Scholastic, 2007
Safe as Houses. Penguin/Random House, 2007
Bifocal (co-written with Deborah Ellis). Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2007
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We All Fall Down. Penguin/Random House, 2006
Fools Gold - Camp X series. Penguin/Random House, 2006
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I've Got an Idea. HarperCollins, 2003
Tiger Town. Scholastic
Off Season. Orca
Grind. Orca
Camp 30. Penguin/Random House
Rebound. Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Road Trip. Orca
Royal Ransom. Penguin/Random House
Long Shot. Orca
Tiger in Trouble. Scholastic
Northern Exposure. HarperCollins
Hoop Crazy. Orca
The Hydrofoil Mystery. Penguin/Random House
Overdrive. Orca
The Money Pit Mystery. HarperCollins
Caged Eagles. Orca
Bully Boys. Penguin/Random House
Tiger by the Tail. Scholastic
Full Court Press. Orca
Diamonds in the Rough. Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Camp X. Penguin/Random House
Visions. HarperCollins
Three on Three. Orca
Stranded. HarperCollins
Trapped In Ice. Penguin/Random House
Stars. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1996
War of the Eagles. Orca, 1996
Stand Your Ground. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1994
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Presentation Description

Eric presents to students in K - 12 with grade specific presentations that focus on books and themes which are relative to those ages.  He used slide show/power point/videos and student participation to engage his students.  Each presentation can be quickly modified to meet the requests/needs of the host and focus on the writing process, creating literacy, human rights, and humanitarian efforts.

In addition he does keynote speeches to teachers and evening events for parents.

Eric prides himself on being able to adapt his presentations to meet the specific needs and requests of the audience and hosts.

Presentation Length:
From 30 to 80 minutes depending upon audience age/host requests
Fiction/Non-fiction/Novels/Picture Books/First Chapter Books/
k - 12
Audience Size:
50 - 200
Workshop Description:

Eric offers workshops that help students to become more creative writers