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Eric Zweig


By the age of ten Eric Zweig was already a budding sports fanatic who was filling his school news books with game reports instead of current events. He has been writing professionally about sports and sports history since graduating from Trent University in 1985 with a degree in Political Studies. His articles have been printed in the New York Times as well as numerous Canadian publications including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, The Ottawa Citizen, The Calgary Herald and Canada's History Magazine (fomerly The Beaver). He has also been a writer/producer with CBC Radio Sports and TSN SportsRadio.

To date, Eric has published more than 40 books about hockey and history for adults and children (many of which are listed below). His first book, "Hockey Night in the Dominion of Canada," (Lester Publishing, 1992) was an historical novel set in the early days of professional hockey. While most of his work has been non-fiction, he is also the author of a Y/A historical fiction called Fever Season (Dundurn Press, 2009) about the Spanish Flu Epidemic and the cancelled Stanley Cup series of 1919. He has been working with Dan Diamond and Associates (consulting publisher to the National Hockey League) since 1997.

In addition to his “behind the scenes” work with TSN and CBC, Eric has also been an on-air guest on dozens of television and radio programs. In the fall of 2017, he appeared in the documentary "NHL: 100" commemorating 100 years of NHL history.

Eric is a member of the Society for International Hockey Research and the Society for American Baseball Research. He is married and lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, with his wife Barbara, who is also a writer and editor, and their cats Riggs and Odie. A former member of the Toronto Blue Jays grounds crew, he still has a champagne bottle from the club’s first American League East Division title celebration in 1985.

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Absolute Expert: Soccer. National Geographic Kids, 2018
The Toronto Maple Leafs: The Complete Oral History. Dundurn Press, 2017
The Big Book of Hockey For Kids. Scholastic Canada, 2017, 2013
Original 6 series (six books in total). Crabtree, 2017
MVP Superstars. Scholastic Canada, 2017
Hockey Hall of Fame Heroes. Firefly , 2016
Everything Sports. National Geographic Kids, 2016
Art Ross: The Hockey Legend Who Built the Bruins. Dundurn Press, 2015
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Gentlemen This is a Football. Firefly, 2006
Drive Like Hell. Firefly, 2007
Par for the Course. Firefly, 2007
Big Guys Don't Shrink. Firefly, 2008
Long Shot: How the Winnipeg Falcons won the First Olympic Hockey Gold. James Lormier and Company, 2007
Star Power: The Legend and Lore of Cyclone Taylor. James Lormier and Company, 2007
Crazy Canucks: The Uphill Battle of Canada's Downhill Ski Team. James Lormier and Company, 2008
Tough Guys: Hockey Rivals in Times of War and Disaster. James Lormier and Company, 2009
Various NHL media publications., since 1998
Ice Q and A. Andrews McMeel, 2001
Glory Days: Hockey in the 1950s and '60s. Andrews McMeel, 2003
Ultimate Prize: The Stanley Cup. Andrews McMeel, 2003
Saves. Somerville House, 1999
Goals. Somerville House, 1999
A Century of Hockey Heroes. Somerville House, 1999
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Presentation Description

Since 1999, when I began writing books for children, I have made many presentations in schools, libraries and bookstores. (I have also been a guest on many television and radio stations since my first book was published in 1992). My presentations tend to be somewhat informal. I prefer to get a feeling for each group and keep to areas I hope that particular group will find interesting. I think it gives my talks more energy when I don’t keep to a rigid script. However, I always have a general plan that I layout for myself before each presentation (which readings I’ll do, which topics I plan to emphasize). I do not have any multimedia props, though I often bring photographs and/or sports memorabilia that relate to my topics.

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