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Heather Kellerhals-Stewart

Heather Kellerhals-Stewart


Heather Kellerhals-Stewart grew up in Toronto and graduated from U. of T. in English Language and Literature. After a speedy escape to the mountains of British Columbia she studied Social Work at U.B.C. She presently lives with her husband, Rolf, on Quadra Island where they have a farm and a Woodlot Licence and lots to do. When there's time, she likes to write, tell stories, juggle, ski or hike in the mountains.

Heriot Bay, BC


Muktu, the Backward Muskox. self published, reprint Press Gang Publishers, Chauntaluf reprint, 1975, 1978,1999
Brave Highland Heart. Toronto: Stoddart Kids, 1999.
My Brother's Train. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1998.
Witch's Fang. Polestar, Raincoast, 1994, 2000
Shookum Sam, Spar Tree Man. Vancouver: Polestar, 1992.
Extreme Edge. Lorimer, 2007
Skookum Sal, Birling Gal. Harbour Publishing, 2003
The Whale's Way. Polestar (reprint Raincoast), 1988
Stuck Fast in Yesterday. Groundwood, 1983
She Shoots, She Scores. Women's Press, 1975
Rory and the Whooping Crane. Borealis, 1977
Cricket Christmas. Borealis, 1978
The Whale's Way. Phoenix Books, 2008
SAR powderhounds. Lorimer, 2013
Oh No, Noah!. Peregrin Publishing, 2013
Oh No, Noah!. Peregrin Publishing, 2013


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice for Skookum Sam, Spar Tree Man; Brave Highland Heart; My Brother's Train
Our Choice for Extreme Edge
Shortlisted, Governor General Awards for Children's Illustration for Brave Highland Heart.
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


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Where ideas come from and storytelling for all ages. Collection of mountain images to accompany the two books on mountains and mountain climbing - The Witch's Fang, and Extreme Edge.

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60 min.
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