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Heather Kirk

Heather Kirk

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Heather Kirk has written professionally for over 40 years, producing newspaper and magazine articles, scholarly papers, radio scripts, translations, poetry, short stories, and novels. She has also taught writing for about 30 years in colleges and universities. Some of her books are for teenagers; others are for adults. Her second-most recent book is about the Polish non-violent resistance movement, “Solidarity.”Her most recent book is about another pacifist group, the Quakers or Religous Society of Friends.

Barrie, ON


Seeking Peace: The Quakers. Borealis Press, 2017
Be Not Afraid: The Polish (R)evolution, "Solidarity". Borealis Press, 2011
Who Were the Whiteoaks and Where Was Jalna?. Tecumseh Press, 2007
Mazo de la Roche: Rich and Famous Writer. Dundurn Press, 2006
Wacousta. Borealis Press, 2005
A Drop of Rain. Dundurn Press, 2004
Warsaw Spring. Dundurn Press, 2001


Finalist, Writers' Union of Canada Writing for Children Competition for "The Story of Albert Bumblebrain and Madame Breadnoise", 2000
Winner, Second Prize, Grain creative non-fiction competition for "The Watercloset, the Baby in the Blanket, and the Little White Rose", 1999
Winner, Frank E. Thomas Memorial Award sponsored by Wordwrights Canada for "outstanding non-fiction prose appearing in Cross-Canada Writers' Magazine" for "Rediscovering Mazo de la Roche", 1988
Winner, Second Prize, 1987 International L.F.Brannan Memorial Essay Competition sponsored by the American literary magazine Negative Capability for "On the Trail of the Treasures of Polish Culture", 1987
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