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James Bow

Photo: Erin Noteboom 2004

I was born in downtown Toronto on April 19, 1972 and lived there until my folks moved up to Kitchener in 1991 so I could attend the University of Waterloo. I've lived in Kitchener ever since. I've been trained as an urban planner, and I've worked as a database manager, web designer, circulation manager, administrative assistant, layout designer and office manager. The one consistent thing about my varied academic and professional career has been a love of writing.

I practised my craft by writing Doctor Who fan fiction. I started at it when I was fourteen, and was coached ahead by a number of fellow-fans. I was a member of the Doctor Who Information Network and I rose in the ranks, finally editing my own fan fiction magazine as well as their official fiction publication Myth Makers. It was 2001 before I decided I was ready to write fiction in my own universe, and I started work on the story that would become The Unwritten Girl.

It was through fiction that I met a number of important people in my life, the most important of which was Erin Noteboom, who became my wife. So, if you want to write, fan fiction is an excellent way to practise, and meet good people as well. I'm currently living in Kitchener, Ontario with Erin and our daughter Vivian. In addition to The Unwritten Girl and its sequel, Fathom Five, I have written a number of non-fiction articles for my local paper, business publications and the Internet.

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The Unwritten Girl. The Dundurn Group, Toronto, ON, 2006
Fathom Five. The Dundurn Group, Toronto, ON, 2007
The Young City. The Dundurn Group, Toronto, ON, 2009
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I talk about the joy of writing. Although I was published at 33, I started writing when I was 14. I wrote fan fiction, I produced amateur magazines, I posted stories online, wrote blogs, and more. Through all the jobs that I've had, writing was my favourite part of them. I talk about the challenges that exist to being published and the value of persistence and doing what one loves. I talk about the joy of writing for small audiences, on blogs or online, with the point that all writing is of value.

I also talk about young adult literature, and the books that inspired The Unwritten Girl. I talk about why I enjoy reading young adult literature, and the themes in the genre.

Talks can be tailored to specific topics on request. I close with a short reading and a question and answer session, and I distribute a signed bookmark to each student.

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60 minutes per session
fantasy, science fiction, young adult
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up to 125
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