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Janice Cowan

Janice Cowan

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Janice Cowan moved from Victoria in 2019 and now lives in Burlington, Ontario. She is the author of five children's mystery books and a non-fiction memoir called A Spy's Wife, which was published by James Lorimer and Company Ltd in October 2006. Between 1991 and 2002, Janice lived and worked in the former Soviet Union (four years in Russia followed by six years in Kazakhstan) including during the fall of Communism. She worked on The Moscow Tribune newspaper in Moscow and edited the U.S. Kazakhstan Council's business magazine in Almaty. She was born in England but has spent most of her life in Canada, working as a writer/journalist in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Her children's mysteries are set in Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Baden-Baden, Germany.  She is married with three children--a son living in London, England, a son in Hamilton, Ontario and a daughter in Frankfurt, Germany. Janice has also worked as a writer in Australia and Germany. 



A Spy's Wife. Toronto, Ontario: Lorimer, 2006
Black Forest Secret. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1991.
Mystery on the Miramichi. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1987.
Secret of Ivy Lea. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1983.
Mystery of Castle Hotel. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1981.
Maple Island Mystery. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1977.
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Talk by a real-life spy about her life as a spy in a foreign country and how she came to be a spy. This talk pertains to her latest book A Spy's Wife. Introduce 5 children's books, two of which are about spying. The intrigue, mystery, fun and hard work of the spy game on a level that children and young adults, who enjoy mystery books, detective stories and spy games can relate to and understand.

children's, adult
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approx 30