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JG Toews

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JG Toews is a crime writer, presently working on the second novel in her Stella Mosconi series. Give Out Creek, first in the series, was shortlisted in 2016 for the Arthur Ellis award for Best Unpublished Crime Novel. Judy is the co-author with Nicole Parton of three non-fiction books. She lives near Nelson, British Columbia with her husband David.

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Never Say Diet 7 Days a Week!. co-author Nicole Parton; illus. Graham Harrop. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1998.
Never Say Diet!. co-author Nicole Parton. illus. Graham Harrop. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1998.
Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-wise Kids. Key Porter, 2000
Bodysense, Life Skills for Weight Management. BC Dairy Foundation, 2010


BC Regional Winner, The Speaking of Food and Eating Award, for excellence in consumer nutrition communication. Sponsored by the Dietitians of Canada and Kraft Canada for Never Say Diet! ; Never Say Diet 7 Days a Week!, 1999.
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