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K. Ann Love

K. Ann Love

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Ann Love was born and raised in Toronto. She earned her Master of Arts at the University of Toronto in 1970 and helped found the environmental group Pollution Probe there. She moved to Yukon where, together with her husband and others, established the Carcross Community Education Center – an alternative, co-educational high school. She returned to Toronto in 1975, and while mostly a stay-home mom, Ann worked as managing editor of the medical journal, Stroke, and did part-time teaching. She returned to the regular classroom in 1991 and taught in elementary schools north of Toronto until 2004. She lives on the edge of a forest and likes to travel to wild places whenever possible. Her first book was published in 1990. A number of her works are co-authored by her sister Jane Drake. Ann served as King Township Writer-in-the-Library for 2010-2011.

King City, ON (short drive to Toronto, Peel, York)


Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance. 2017, Annick Press
Pandemic Survival: It's Why You're Alive. 2013, Tundra Books
Get Outside: The Kids Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors. 2012, Kids Can Press
Alien Invaders: Species That Threaten Our World. 2008, Tundra Books
Sweet: The Delicious Story of Candy. 2007, Tundra Books
Snow Amazing: Cool Facts and Warm Tales. 2004, Tundra Books
The Kids Book of the Night Sky. 2004, Kids Can Press
Cool Woods: A Trip Around the World's Boreal Forest. 2003, Tundra Books
Yes You Can: Your Guide to Becoming an Activist. 2010, Tundra Books
The Kids Campfire Book. 1996, Kids Can Press


Red Cedar Award for Sweet: The Delicious Story of Candy, 2009
Green Prize for Sustainable Literature for Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance, 2018
Skipping Stone Honor Award for Cool Woods: A Trip Around the World's Boreal Forest, 2002
Silver Nautilus Award for Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance, 2018
Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Book for Kids and Teens for Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance, 2018
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Co-authors Ann Love and Jane Drake explore with students their research methods and non-fiction writing. They discuss where they get ideas, the writing process, stories about being authors and writing partners – all supported with examples from their works. Interactive and media components in presentations include slides and storytelling. They tailor presentations to the curriculum Grade 3 – Rural Communities (Mining, Fishing, Farming, and Forestry); Grade 4 – Provinces and Territories (The Kids Book of the Far North and Cool Woods); Grade 5 – Early Civilizations (The Kids Book of the Night Sky); Grade 6 – Solar System (The Kids Book of the Night Sky) and Aboriginal Peoples and Early Explorers (Cool Woods and The Kids Book of the Far North); Grades 7-9 – Canadian Issues (Cool Woods and Yes You Can! Your Guide to Becoming an Activist); Cross-grades -- Environmental Issues (Snow Amazing: Cool Facts and Warm Tales, Trash Action: a Fresh Look at Garbage, and Alien Invaders: Species that Threaten Our World); Cross-grades -- History and Social Geography (Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy; Talking Tails: The Incredible Connection Between People and Their Pets, and upcoming Soap, Sneeze and Disease).

Presentation Length:
1 hour to 1 hour 15 min.
Children's Non-Fiction
Audience Size:
75 (w/ teachers)
Workshop Description:

Writing with precision – how to write good instructions – using The Kids Campfire Book and other activity books written by the authors; Writing persuasive non-fiction – interest everyone in your favourite subject, from bellybutton piercing to space probes…; Writing narrative non-fiction.