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K. L. Denman

K. L. Denman

K.L. Denman began writing Young Adult fiction after reading the books of some talented authors and discovering the wonders of this fascinating genre. Her own children were teens at the time and between them, their friends, and her own memories, inspiration was plentiful. 

She was born in Calgary, Alberta and spent most of her childhood there in a house near the open prairie. She loved reading, writing, animals, being outdoors and music. Her teen years passed in Delta, BC, although summers found her back in Alberta, working on a ranch. She was disappointed to find she’d grown up too late to be a hippy and was puzzled over the decision of what she should "be".

Early adult years were a time for working, traveling and studying favorite things like Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy and Creative Writing. She married, had two wonderful children, and spent a respectable amount of time being practical. (Ex: She got over the hippy miss.) Her early loves persisted and eventually one dared to suggest that she take it seriously and be a Writer. She listened, and as life allowed (in the uneven way it tends to do), she wrote. 



Battle of the Bands. Orca Book Publishers, 2006
Mirror Image. Orca Book Publishers, 2007
Rebel's Tag. Orca Book Publishers, 2007
The Shade. Orca Book Publishers, 2008
Spiral. Orca Book Publishers, 2008
Perfect Revenge. Orca Book Publishers, 2009
Me, Myself and Ike. Orca Book Publishers, 2009
Stuff We All Get. Orca Book Publishers, 2011
Agent Aungus. Orca Book Publishers, 2012
Destination Human. Orca Book Publishers, 2013
Quiz Queens. Orca Book Publishers, 2017
Faster Than Truth. Crwth Press, 2019
Coming Back. Orca Book Publishers, 2019


CCBC Best Books for Destination Human, 2011
Governor General's Literary Short List for Me, Myself and Ike, 2010
CCBC Best Books for Me, Myself and Ike, 2011
Resource Links Year’s Best List for Stuff We All Get, 2011
CCBC Best Books for Rebel's Tag, 2008
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