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Liz Jansen

Photo: John G Reed 2017

Liz began riding a motorcycle on her family farm when she was sixteen. She could not have imagined how transformative her two-wheeled experiences would be, or how powerful a teacher motorcycling was. In 2003, she left a career in Corporate Human Resources and Training and Development and built a business around demonstrating that when you’ve mastered two wheels, you can master anything.

Her desire to understand personal perspectives and life choices led her to study shamanic energy medicine with The Four Winds. She’s learned that how life unfolds is determined by the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we’ve embraced, and the stories that have been passed down for generations—stories we’re often not aware we’re carrying. Through her writing, speaking, and facilitating individuals and groups, she helps others see how we can change our life by changing those stories.

Liz has just released her third book, a memoir, Crash Landing, The Long Road Home, exploring how the experiences of our ancestors shape us. Or, who we are before we’re told who we are. She's also authored Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, and Life Lessons from Motorcycles. She lives in Orangeville, Ontario.


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