Marcy Lane

Marcy Lane draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of human behavior, crafting stories that spotlight ordinary Canadian women navigating life's most challenging situations. Her debut novel, A Mercy of Widows, published in August 2023, explores themes of grief and resilience, influenced by her own experiences of losing two life partners to cancer.

Born to parents with itchy feet, Marcy draws on her upbringing as an army brat living across Canada, the UK, and Germany to infuse her story settings with authenticity. Her background includes three degrees in fields that required extensive writing, though not specifically in literature. She also managed a medium-sized charity, where she amassed significant non-fiction writing experience, far exceeding Malcolm Gladwell’s ten thousand hours expertise threshold.

Transitioning to fiction, Marcy embraced a beginner’s mindset, actively engaging in workshops, retreats, and classes since 2017. She is a proud member of the Writers Union of Canada, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), and benefits greatly from a supportive critique group.

Apart from writing, Marcy has a passion for art, experimenting with mediums like pour painting and alcohol ink, which reflect her chaotic (experimental?) creative spirit.

Marcy lives in a small cottage in southwestern Ontario with her opinionated dogs, Bug and Lucy. She is currently working on two novels: one set on Haida Gwaii about estranged friends attempting to reconcile and save cultural artifacts; and a cozy mystery set in a fictitious town along the Canadian shoreline of Lake Erie.

City: Kingsville, Province/Territory: Ontario
Fiction (Women's Fiction, Book Club Fiction, Mysteries)
A Mercy of Widows
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