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Marie Powell

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Marie Powell is the author of more than 40 published children's books, including a young adult historical fantasy series, Last of the Gifted: Spirit Sight and Water Sight (2020). Publishers including Scholastic Canada, Amicus, Lerner, Crabtree, and others publish her books for young readers, which range from Pre-K to middle grades in literacy, science, history, and media studies. Born in Moose Jaw, she now lives in Regina, and shares her work through workshops and in school and library readings across the country. She has twice edited the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's Windscript magazine of young adult writing, and has edited fiction/nonfiction for SWG's Spring magazine for emerging writers. For more information see her website at 

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Last of the Gifted (series): Spirit Sight and Water Sight. Wood Dragon Books, 2020
Meet a Baby Ostrich. Lerner/Lightning Bolt Publications, 2015
Punctuation Station: Stop Right There.; Take a pause, Paul; This is Exciting!; What is That?; We're Going to the Smith's House. Amicus Publishing, 2015
Vowels: What Good is an A? E? I? O? U? Y? (six books). Amicus Publishing, 2015
Word Families Series II: Not a Lot, Robot; Don't Trip, Pip; Please Take Jake; Get Wet; Please Stay, Kay; Quit It. Amicus, 2014
Word Families Series I: That Cat; Out for Trout; Dig Pig; Grow Crow; Sleep Sheep; Nab the Crab. Amicus Publishing, 2013
Explore with Jacques Cartier; Explore with Ferdinand Magellan. Travels with the Great Explorers: Crabtree, 2014
Dragonflies are Amazing. Scholastic Canada, 2007


Lush Triumphant Literary Award, Runner-up - "Grid Lines" for subTerrain Magazine (63:1, Winter 2013), 2012
Room Magazine Fiction Contest, Second Place - "Ghosting" for Room Magazine (33:1, Spring 2010) , 2010
SWG Short Manuscript Award, First Place - Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry; Children's Writing, 2011; 2005 (Children's)
City of Regina Writing Award, Runner-up - "Hawk" (manuscript) , 2014
List of awards available on request
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

Grades Pre-K to 2: Half-hour to 45-minute reading to introduce several fiction and/or non-fiction series books with related songs, fingerplays, and puppets. Colouring activity provided for thematic post-reading classroom activity.

Grade Two Science: Reading Grade Two books (Dragonflies are Amazing and What's It Like to be a Baby Ostrich) including a discussion of how authors work with editors (curriculum ties and specifics available on request).

Grade 6-8; 8-10: Reading of "Hawk" with discussion of historical fiction (curriculum ties and specifics available on request).

Other grades available on request: Please contact the author to negotiate details.

Presentation Length:
Flexible (One-half to one hour reading; one hour to multiple-day workshop)
Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult
Pre-K to 2; Grade Two; 3-8; 8-10; 10-12
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Workshop Description:

Grade Two: Introducing writing prompts and group writing exercises, along with a discussion of specific books and how authors work with editors.

Grades 3-8: Introducing non-fiction and fiction writing with freewriting exercises, writing prompts, and group writing (on request). Details negotiable to suit classroom needs and activities. Also The Writing Life - presentation on author routines with curriculum ties geared to various grade levels and can be tailored to specific requests.

Grade 8-10: Writing Historical Fiction; The Writing Life (curriculum ties and specifics can be tailored to class needs).

Grades 10-12: Writing Historical Fiction; Writing for Publication: Modern Journalism; The Writing Life (curriculum ties and specifics can be tailored to class needs).

Northern OAC WITS:
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$Negotiable (Depending on presentation)
GST not applicable