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Patricia Westerhof

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Born in the US to Dutch immigrant parents, Patricia Westerhof moved to Amsterdam shortly after birth and then to Canada at age four.  She spent her school years in Alberta and Ontario.  Westerhof now lives in Toronto, Canada, where she writes fiction and teaches English and creative writing.  Westerhof is the author of Catch Me When I Fall, a collection of linked stories, and The Dove in Bathurst Station, a novel.  She also co-authored The Writer's Craft, a textbook.   Along with fiction, Westerhof writes curriculum, and she has presented at education conferences in Canada and the U.S.

E-mail: c/o Writers' Union of Canada
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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


The Writer's Craft. Nelson, 2003
Catch Me When I Fall. Brindle & Glass, 2011
The Dove in Bathurst Station. Brindle & Glass, 2013
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Presentation Length:
60-80 minutes
Fiction: Editing Skills
Audience size:
ten to thirty
Workshop Description:

A fiction writer and a high school teacher with twenty-six years of experience, Patricia Westerhof will involve students in rigorous editing of their work.  Students will look at multiple drafts by published authors and observe the editing process in the drafts.  They will articulate what the authors do in the editing process.  Then students will apply these skills to their own work, with help and feedback from Westerhof and classmates.  They will leave the workshop with a better understanding of what it means to edit one's work.  They will also have a list of what to consider while editing.

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