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Paulette Marie Sauve

Photo: Morgane Gaupp 2016

Paulette Marie Sauvé is a painter, tapestry weaver and a writer.

Originally from North Bay, Ontario, she obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1992 at the Université du Québec.  The MFA course included studies in northern Italy.
She studied visual arts, architecture and painting at the Institut des Arts Appliqués in Montreal, Quebec.
Later, she was awarded a government grant to travel to France where she discovered natural pigments, ancient dyes, and tapestry, notably at the Manufacture des Gobelins. 
This inspired her to write about creating art with natural materials.

From 1992 to 2002, she taught visual arts and organized exhibitions and cultural events. 
She then returned to her studio to work full time at tapestry, painting and creating illustrated books.

Paulette has published three books in French and one in English.

The French books include: "VIBRATIONS SUR FIBRES, une rétrospective" (self-published, 2018, ISBN : 978-0-9688935-1-7) celebrating 45 years of creating textile art, and the English version is planned for publication in 2019; "La Teinture Naturelle" (ISBN:0-88532-164-2), and, "Le Filage" (ISBN:0-88532-139-1), as well as two CD-ROMs about the history of textile art in New England and New France. 

The English book is titled:

Title: Fibre Art Symphony, a retrospective 
Author: Paulette Marie Sauvé                                       
Format: Book, 74 pages, colour,
ISBN: 978-0-9688935-2-4
Publisher: Self-published: Paulette Marie Sauvé

Sauvé is a trained volunteer tutor for English Literacy, and a member of the South Shore Reading Council.  Her tapestries and paintings are in galleries, corporate and private collections in several countries.
She has given lectures and workshops in the USA, Burkina Faso, Canada and Israel. 

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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


La Teinture Naturelle au Québec. Les Éditions de l'Aurore, 1977
Le Filage. Les Éditions de l'Aurore, 1977
"De l'étoffe du pays au tissu virtuel", CD-ROM. S.P.C.L. & Tournade, 2001
"From Colonial Fabric to Virtual Cloth", CD-ROM. Tournade, 2001
"VIBRATIONS SUR FIBRES, une rétrospective". Paulette-Marie Sauve, 2018
La Teinture Naturelle au Québec. Paulette-Marie Sauve, 2018
Le Filage. Paulette-Marie Sauve, 2018
Fibre Art Symphony, a retrospective. Paulette Marie Sauvé (self-published), 2019


Grants from the Canada Arts Council
Four time recipient of the Quebec Minister of Cultural Affairs Grants
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 50th Golden Jubilee Medal awarded by The Governor General of Canada, 2002
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


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As an author and visual artist, born in North Bay Ontario, and residing in Quebec, my work includes the categories of Art history, Canadian and Quebec history.  I have a unique approach to visual art, as is mentioned in the Preface of my book, Vibrations sur fibres, une rétrospective (English title:''FIBRE ART SYMPHONY, a retrospective''). 

Extract from Preface:
Paulette-Marie Sauvé is an established craftswoman, who demonstrated an unusual assurance and authenticity from the earliest years of her artistic career. In my capacity as Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art (of Montreal), I invited this young fibre artist to participate in the first exhibit of Quebec new tapestry in 1978.

She had already shown herself to be a leader in modern tapestry art, expressing ancient tapestry techniques in an outstanding contemporary spirit. ...

Without the least hesitation, I applaud this retrospective project of Ms. Sauvé, which reveals the very heart of artistry through her deliberate linking of new and historical techniques that release the power of expression.
Françoise Cloutier
Retired Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art

My most recent manuscript (awaiting publication)  ''FIBRE ART SYMPHONY, a retrospective'', describes the life experiences and travels that have inspired the visual art which I have created over a period of 45 years.


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