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Robert I Thompson
Renée Hetherington

Renée Hetherington obtained a BA in business and economics from Simon Fraser University in 1981, an MBA from theUniversity of Western Ontario in 1985, and an interdisciplinary PhD in anthropology, biology, geography, and geology from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, in 2002. She was awarded a Canadian National Science and Engineering Research doctoral fellowship for her work on reconstructing the paleogeography and paleoenvironment of the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii. The Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Council subsequently awarded her a postdoctoral fellowship for her research relating climate change to human evolution and adaptability over the last 135,000 years. She has been coleader of International Geological Correlation Program project 526, “Risks, Resources, and Record of the Past on the Continental Shelf.” She and her husband Bob are partners in RITM Corp., a consulting company committed to helping organizations, especially in the resource sector, reach their potential while recognizing that we live in a changing world. She ran for office as a Member of the Canadian Parliament in 2011. Renée is the author of Living in a Dangerous Climate: Climate Change and Human Evolution (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and coauthor (with Robert Reid) of The Climate Connection: Climate Change and Modern Human Evolution (Cambridge University Press, 2010). She lives with her family on Vancouver Island. 

City: Cranbrook, Province/Territory: BC