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Richard Scrimger

Richard Scrimger has written for print media and television, but is best known for his 20+ books for adults and children. He’s won a few awards, been translated into a few more languages, and led workshops on several continents. Recent novels feature a hero who is obnoxious but strangely irresistible, another who realizes that Dad might be wrong about people who look different, and yet another who see visions.  Plots involve a tattoo, an element that produces superpowers, and a painting that comes to life. As you might guess, Richard does not always know what is going on. Confusion is his natural state.  He has four children and has recently moved upstairs from a couple of them. They are older than he is.

City: Toronto, Province/Territory: Ontario
Mid-school and YA novels, usually quirky.
Presentation details
Audience Size
Audience size
I have addressed 3 yawners and a cat, 1000 screaming fans, and just about everything in between
Presentation Length
Flexible. I've done a tight five minutes and a rambly two hours. Standard length is 45 mins to an hour
Presentation Description
Presentation description

My presentations are usually on the importance of, or how to construct, stories. They tend to be interactive and feature aspects and asides from my own life and work. We start with the dark places inside us where stories are born, and twist truths into convincing narrative. We might build a composite story together, and analyze how and why it succeeds. We might try exercises on character and plot building.

My goal is to promote the sharing of stories. That is how we empower ourselves and develop a stronger and more inclusive community.

Presentation Fee(s)
250.00 or more
Workshop details
Audience Size
class size or smaller
Intended Audience
Students, teachers, educators, story builders.  
Workshop Length
Anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and half
Workshop Description
Workshop description

We look at the component parts of a story through a model story of mine. Participants use my model as a template to build their own stories.

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