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Sephera Giron

Sèphera Girón has been a published author since the nineties under her own name and under several pen names. She also works as an editor, actress, and tarot card reader. 
Sèphera has run the Ontario/Canadian Chapter of the Horror Writers Association for over twenty years.
Growing up in London, Ontario, Sèphera always dreamed of being a published author. She moved to Toronto to attend York University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts Studies. She also married and had two children. Since then, the children have grown and Sèphera is single.
Sèphera's first mass market book was "House of Pain" from Leisure Books/Dorchester Publishing. She wrote four books for Leisure. 
She is currently working on her witchy horror series, Witch Upon a Star published by Riverdale Avenue Books.
Sèphera is the in-house astrologer for Romance Daily News and you can find her monthly horoscopes at
Sèphera has given dozens of lectures, presentations, workshops, and readings at schools, public events, Fan Expo, horror and science fiction conventons, and libraries. Sèphera loves to share her knowledge about a wide variety of topics such as horror, space opera, science fiction, paranormal romance, and, of course, about how to be a writer, how to get published, should you self-publish or go the traditional route, and more. 
Sèphera offers several courses at the online platform Udemy including "So You Want to Be a Horror Writer?" and "Write a Short Story Using Tarot Cards".
Currently, Sèphera lives by the lake in Etobicoke. 
Selected Books Published
2000 Eternal Sunset, Darktales Publications, Missouri, 198 pages
2001 House of Pain, Leisure Books/Dorchester Publishing, New York, 400 pages
2001 House Magic: The Good Witch’s Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space by Ariana, Conari/Red Wheel, California, 238 pages
2002 The Birds and the Bees, Leisure Books, New York, New York, 400 pages
2004 Borrowed Flesh, Leisure Books, New York, 340 pages
2005 Mistress of the Dark, Leisure Books, New York, 400 pages
2005 Vamp by Savannah Samson, Thunder’s Mouth, 280 pages
2006, The Lust Ranch by Sunrise Adams, Thunder’s Mouth, 309 pages
2007 Hungarian Rhapsody, Neon/Orion Books, England, 318 pages
2007 The Kama Sutra Seductions Deck, Quiver, 64 cards with photos and text plus booklet
2008, Sagittarius: Open Heart, Open Mind, Ravenous Romance, Beverly, Mass. 200 pages
2008The Sexstrology Anthology, edited by Sèphera Girón, Ravenous Romance, 250 pages
2009 Capricorn: Cursed, Ravenous Romance, Beverly Massachusetts, 200 pages
2009 Aquarius: Haunted Heart, Ravenous Romance, Beverly, Mass., 200 pages
2009 Pisces: Teacher’s Pet, Ravenous Romance, Beverly, Mass., 200 pages
2009 Beach Boys: The Gay Boys of Summer, edited by S. Girón, Ravenous Romance, 200 pages
2013 Weird Tales of Terror, Scarlett Publishing, Toronto, 392 pages
2014 Captured Souls, Samhain Publishing, Ohio, 55,000 words
2014 Flesh Failure, Samhain Publishing, Ohio, 30,000 words
2015 Experiments in Terror, Samhain Publishing, 90,000 words
2015 A Penny Saved, Samhain Publishing, 20,000 word
2015 Capricorn: Cursed, Witch Upon a Star series, Riverdale Avenue Books, 163
2015 Aquarius: Haunted Heart, Witch Upon a Star series, RAB, 236
2015 Pisces: Teacher’s Pet, Witch Upon a Star series, RAB, 254
2016 Aries: Swinging into Spring, Witch Upon a Star series, RAB, 212 pages
2016 Mistress of the Dark, Macabre Ink, 242 pages
2016 Eternal Sunset, Macabre Ink, 261
2016 Borrowed Flesh, Macabre Ink, 244 pages
2016 The Birds and the Bees, Macabre Ink, 224 pages
2019 Taurus, Witch Upon a Star series, RAB
Selected Recent Anthologies
2007 Travellers in Darkness, edited by Steve Jones, Thistle Printing, Toronto, “Wishful Thinking”
2008 The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Running Press Book Publishers “The Tale of Courting Sumansa”
2009 Campus Chills, edited by Mark Leslie Lefebvre, “Can You See the Real Me?”
2009 Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry, “The Grass is Always Greener”
2011 The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, edited by Sonia Florens, Running Press Book Publishers, “Lust on Set”
2012 The Haunted Mansion Project, edited by E. S. Magill, Damnation Books, "The Third Room" "Notes from the Haunted Mansion"
2012 Slices of Flesh, edited by Stan Swanson, Dark Moon Books, "All Paths Lead to Psychopath"
2012 Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope, edited by John Palisano, Western Legends Press, "Running with Jackalopes"
2013 Telling Tales of Terror, edited by Kim Richards, Damnation Books, “Setting and Atmosphere”
2013 High Stakes, edited by Gabrielle Faust, Evil Jester Press, “Countess Bathory”
2013 The Haunted Mansion Project, edited by Loren Rhodes, Damnation Books, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
2014 Axes of Evil, edited by Alex Johnson, Chupa Cabra Press, "Rock and Roll All Night"
2015 October Dreams 2, Cemetery Dance Publications, “Halloween Memoir”
2015 Expiration Date, “What Would Lizzie Do?”
2016 Group Hex 1, Great Lakes Horror Company “Trick of the Light,”
2016 Intersections: Tales of the Ouija, “The Next Big Thing”
2017 Group Hex 2, Great Lakes Horror Company, “Memories,”
2018 Abandon, Great Lakes Horror Company, “Looking for Mrs. Peepers,”
2019 Phobias, Lycan Valley Press, “Five in the Six,”
2018 The Amazing Book of Monsters: Dawn of the Monsters, “Beach Comber”
2018 Dark Rainbow, Riverdale Avenue Books, “His Type”

City: Etobicoke, Province/Territory: Ontario