shahanaz Hoque


Shahanaz is a Canadian Author, teacher and presenter  who is also member of TWUC and League of Canadian poets. 

She came from Bangladesh as a young woman. She believes: "human setting" is like  seasonal plant,  very short so, every single second meant to be positively worth. Fairness= balanced=peace so, messy world meant to be tidy balanced one because we are One.  

She also believes the same message came from God mighty in different time-frame for one human brand. We should be tied all together by the same Blessing rope! She is encouraging people to follow blessing Path, not only worldly successful path, the Path impacts on us from earth to heaven....

She encourages to open new doors by her poem

"Not necessary always travel

there could be thunder and wonder on your floor

just open new doors"


Her first poem  book "I feel time's tide" released 2017.  Her Second poem and song book "Perseverance" on the way to publish.

-One religion book also on the way to publish. . 

 Seven children books, one Inspirational poem book, children rhyme book are on the way to publish

Spring presentation:


Tweet! Tweet! Tweedy tweet!
Floating from the far..... 
Chirp! Chirp! Sharply chirp 
chanting all around... 
Zig ziky, Zig ziky, Zig ziky, bugs 
holding that rhythm!!! 
Sweet breezes are whistling and 
creating vibration! 
Tweety tweet! Sharpie chirp!
Zig zicy! Zic zicky! Zig zicky bags 
What a wonderful “Spring's morning band”!!!!! 

How to identify spring blossom - Countryfile.com3,690,600+ Spring Blossom Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

Middle school to adult


1. Motivational speech ( by power point) with different subject matters


a. How wrong mind settings according to the wrong satisfactions, trap us in long unhealthy prison? How we can remove the obstacles from the transition periods when we try to change from one negative mind setting to the positive mind setting

(Mind setting is quiet, sleeping issue but very important to elaborate

otherwise, dangerous rivers (mind settings) will keep on flowing with lots of damages)

2-Little little dots of water make a long river, little little loss of "due do" s a big minus from total! -Without devices how we can enjoy ourselves positively

 c. How Art is our unhighlighted but  fundamental need which is very much connected with our mental health. By using art concepts or beauty concepts how we can improve our lives better. 

Practical work: with different beauty concepts "Let's pick up simple piece  and make it gorgeous big" 



1.  Handmade Spring riddle book which contains rhymes, arts, pictures and origamis

 3. Spring poems 

4. Spring! Spring! Spring! Sweet breeze mild green! (seasonal conversational rhymey drama book with art and origamis)

 5. 2. Spring walk:  Spring! mild green! I am walking, I am talking with sweet dream!!!!

6. Art with beauty concepts "Pick up simple piece and make it gorgeous big" 

7. games

The  books (handmade) will be used:

1. Hello! Hello! Hello! I am Ground hog shadow! (riddle book with art and origamis)

2. Spring! Spring! Spring! Sweet breeze! mild green!

-  Mind settings ( by power point)




City: Mississauga, Province/Territory: Ontario
English and Bengali
I Feel Time's Tide
Presentation details
Audience Size
Audience size
Presentation Genre
Poem, inspirational song, motivational speech, Art
Presentation Length
1 to two hours
Presentation Description
Presentation description

How wrong mind settings keep us in long unhealthy prison. How Our contaminated mind settings can not digest fresh, healthy food any more!

How our positive mind settings let us fly to the blue sky? How we can eastablish positive mind settings? And how we can make our transition period smooth?

How little twisting or turning of our Mind settings can bring big, positive outcome in our lives

Presentation Fee(s)
Workshop details
Audience Size
Intended Audience
Jk to adult
Workshop Length
One to two hours
Workshop Description
Workshop description

 Teach how to make origami, riddle, butterfly book with art, drama and rhyme song (gr 6 to 12)

Workshop Fee(s)
School presentation details
Audience Size
Intended Audience
Jk to 12
Presentation Length
1 hours to two hours
Presentation Fee(s)
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