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Sharon E. McKay

Sharon E. McKay

Sharon McKay was born in l954, grew up in Montreal and graduated from York University with a BA. She is married to David MacLeod. Together they have two sons and three grandchildren.  Throughout her career, she has worked in magazines, newspapers, radio, film and written both fiction and non-fiction books. 

Author of some 30 books and multi-award-winning young adult novelist, Sharon was accepted into the Canadian Forces (War) Artists Program or CFAP in 2008-13. Sharon wrote Thunder Over Kandahar, after two tours of Afghanistan – the novel is now a mainstay in schools across Canada. After a 14-city book tour in China (pre-Covid) her book End of the Line is a best seller and in Chinese schools, it is an introduction to the Holocaust.

Sharon's current YA novel is with Syrian writer Jamal Saeed now living in Kingston, Ontario. 

Prince Edward Island


Yara’s Spring with Jamal Saeed. 2020, Annick Press, Toronto, Ontario.
End of the Line. 2018, Annick Press


Best Book of 2021, in its class, by U.S. Kirkus Review, gold star by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and currently up for a long list of awards in NA and Europe. , 2021
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Kindergarten, 10 minutes: I like to stop in for a few minutes and read anything. Since this is just for fun I usually pop in during recess. Grades 1& 2, 30 minutes: Book: Molly & Cat. Focus: Story telling and Reading. This is a work-in-progress that children “work” on. Grades 3 to 5: Book: Terror in the Harbour from the Our Canadian Girl series, Penguin. Focus: THE BOY CHALLENGE. Grade 6 to 8: Book: Charlie Wilcox, Focus: Historical fiction Canada-style. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment was decimated in WW1. Their tragedy impacts the rest of Canada today. Charlie tells us how. Grade 9 and up: 60 minutes; Book: Esther. Focus: Historical fiction, Quebec-style (New France) Note: This book, shortlisted for the GG, is based on the true story of a Jewish girl who arrived in Quebec disguised as a boy. Sydney Taylor list (NY) for best Jewish Content. Works best for teens who have had little or no experience with Jewish culture.

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Fiction, non fiction, commercial writing
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Designing a writing career (highschool and parents)