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Steve Pitt

Steve Pitt

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Steve Pitt has been a freelance writer for more than 30 years. He is the author of eight books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. In 1980 he won the top Periodical Distributors Author’s Award for humour with a groundhog recipe article that was published in Harrowsmith Magazine. Besides being a writer Steve has also been an infantry soldier, movie extra, martial arts instructor, goose rancher, Yukon gold prospector, manager of a shelter for homeless men, armoured truck guard, resort chef, short order cook and stay-at-home dad. Originally from Toronto, he now lives in Ontario’s Near North.



Rain Tonight: A Tale of Hurricane Hazel. Tundra, 2004
Guyness:Deal with it body and soul. James Lorimer, 2006
Teasing: Deal with it before the joke is on you. James Lorimer, 2007
To Stand and Fight Together. Dundurn, 2008
Day of the Flying Fox. Dundurn, 2009
Faster Than Wind. Dundurn, 2009
My Life and Other Lies: Tales from the writing list. Bridgeross, 2010
Running to Extremes. Penguin Group, 2011
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I tailor my presentation to fit the needs and interests of my audience. I usally alternate between reading from my work and then showing a power point presentation. I then I take questions from the audience.

I charge $350 for two sessions and $500 for four sessions. If two schools are within a reasonable traveling distance from each other,  they can book me for two sessions each and share the four session rate of $500.

Presentation Length:
Forty to sixty minutes depending on time allowed
Non-Fiction and Fiction
Six to Twelve
Audience Size:
Twenty to Fifty per session