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Sue Irwin

Sue Irwin

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It was in Grade 1 that Sue discovered the love of reading. That was when her mother took her to the local public library for the first time (she remembers being amazed that "house" and "horse" were spelled exactly the same way, except for one letter). Dr. Seuss's "The Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham" were her favorites, and after completing one book, she couldn't wait to return it so she could borrow another - for free! Later, she read every Nancy Drew mystery she could find. Today, she still enjoys reading mysteries and she likes nonfiction more than ever.

Sue is curious, and for her, research is just plain fun. A proud Canadian, she's especially interested in the lives of her fellow-citizens, both famous and not-yet-famous. And she enjoys sharing newly discovered facts with kids. A former elementary school teacher, Sue is comfortable doing presentations with children from JK to Grade 8, but the subject matter of her books is most suitable for students in Grades 4 to 8 (Safety Stars comes with a free downloadable resource guide for teachers. Please see link below). She is excited about her second book in Lorimer's Recordbooks Series, Breaking Through - Heroes in Canadian women's sport.

c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Breaking Through - Heroes in Canadian Women's Sport. 2018, James Lorimer and Company
Safety Stars - Players who fought to make the hard-hitting game of professional hockey safer. 2015, James Lorimer and Company


TD Summer Reading Club, Top Recommended Reads selection for Breaking Through, 2021
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, Writer's Award for Breaking Through, 2019
Canadian Children's Book Centre, "Best Books for Kids and Teens" selection for Breaking Through, 2019
Eligible for National Public Readings Program: