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Tony Penikett

"Dotting the Ice," inThe Palgrave Handbook of Arctic Policy and Politics, edited by Ken S. Coates - Carin Holyroyd, Palgrave MacMillan, 2019.
"Nation to Neighbour", in Canada's Arctic Agenda: Into the Vortex, Centre for International Governance Innovation, edited by John Higginbotham and Jennifer Spence, 2019.
"Arctic Security for a Big Small Community," inThe North American Arctic: Themes in Regional Secturity, editied by Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Heather NOra Nicol, UCL Press, 2019
"National Tables and the BCTC Tic-Tac-Toe" in Canada: The State of the Federation 2017 - Canada at 150: Federalism and Democratic Renewal, Institute of Intergovermnental Relations, Queens University, 2019.

"The Mad Trapper" BBC-TV/Time-Life films, London, 1972
"La Patrouille Perdu" ORTF, Paris, 1974

"Seperatism Comes to Squatters Row" winner Nakai Theatre 72 hour playwriting contest 1995
"She, it and me," The compact Six, Poor Alex Theatre, 1967
"Feather", written by Elan Y. Galper and Tony Penikett, performed at Middlesex College Theatre, 1966


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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Hunting the Northern Character. Purich/UBC Press, 2017
Reconciliation: First Nation Treating Making in British Columbia. Douglas & McIntyre, 2006
Breaking Trail. Trafford, 2004
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