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Urve Tamberg

Photo: Streeter Stevens 2012

As the daughter of immigrant parents, Urve grew up in Toronto hearing stories about the history and culture of Estonia. She led a double life for most of her childhood. She was a normal Canadian student during the day, and an Estonian at night and on weekends. And where exactly was this tiny country that had been forgotten by the world for decades after the Soviets occupied it? It didn't appear on any maps at her school.

Urve didn’t realize that she wanted to be a writer so she attended the University of Toronto and graduated with a B.Sc. (Physical Therapy). After practising physiotherapy for a few years, she went back to school and completed a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.). Her management career spanned both the public and private sectors of health care.

Finally, one day, while shopping at the local grocery store, she picked up a brochure for a writer’s class scheduled to start in a local church basement. At the first class, she shared a story (that since has not seen the light of day) but loved the course, and was hooked. 

The little-known stories of the Estonian people and their struggle to survive during the Soviet and Nazi occupations during World War II inspired her first book, The Darkest Corner of the World ( September 2012).

She lives in Oakville, Ontario with her husband, three children, and a little black dog named Shimmer.

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The Darkest Corner of the World. Dancing Cat Books, 2012
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The Darkest Corner of the World - Estonia in World War II

Based on The Darkest Corner of the World, Urve's presentation about Estonia in World War II incorporates true stories about the courage and resourcefulness of people who struggled to survive as two of the most powerful armies in history invaded their country. She discusses the terrible dilemma of a powerless nation caught between the Soviet and Nazi armies. She also shares personal photos of the locations where the novel is set. She prefers interactive sessions and encourages questions. 

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1 hour
Historical fiction (WWII) and non-fiction (writing)
7 to adult
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Writing a novel

Urve talks about her (lengthy and often painful) process of writing a first novel. Topics include how to create compelling characters, how to build an historical (or fantasy) world, where to start a novel, how to develop a suspenseful plot scene by scene, and how to know when it's the end. Urve will share a first draft of a scene and its final revision to show the importance of rewriting. Urve is happy to work with the school to address their unique requirements. She prefers lots of questions and engages the audience to participate in an interactive session. 

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