Wade Bell

Wade Bell's website is  www.wadebell.ca 

His newest story collection is Tracie's Revenge. Governor General's Award winning writer Robert Hilles said of it: "In this stunning book, Wade Bell writes on the level of Raymond Carver and Roberto Bolano. He knows exactly what to leave out to make a short story great. He is the master of endings and like Alice Munro keeps us guessing until the final sentence."     Bell's stories have appeared in magazines and literary anthologies in Canada, Japan, Denmark, Italy, the U.S. and Spain, including The Typescript (three issues), Eclectica Literary Magazine, Sulfur, Word City Monthly, Page 47 Literary Journal and Lotus-eater (Rome, Italy). Earlier work appeared in Descant, Event, West Coast Line, Printed Matter, Toronto Quarterly, AlbertaViews, Transition, Fresh Tracks (Banting), Reading the River (Kostash), The Road Home (Stenson), More Stories from Western Canada (Wiebe & van Herk), Great Canadian Murder and Mystery Stories (Bailey & Unruh).  Bell's novel, In Barcelona, was short-listed for the 2020 Guernica Award. HIs story, "Mountains & Rivers & an Arctic Sea," appeared in an English language high school textbook in Denmark. He was a judge for the 2018 Writers' Guild of Alberta short fiction competition. Born and raised in South Edmonton, he attended Carleton University, spent several years in Vulpellach and Barcelona, Spain and now resides in Calgary. He has worked for The Canadian Press, The Canadian Radio-Television Commission and at several jobs in the Alberta and B.C. oilfields.  The Globe & Mail said of his book, A Destroyer of Compasses, that "Wade Bell knows Spain as only a confirmed expatriate can," called the book "an assured and sensual portrait of a culture" and termed stories, "gems." The University of Toronto Quarterly said, "The stories steal upon you quietly. They do not seem, on first glance, to be dramatic, and their prose does not call elaborate attention to itself. But both their drama and their expressiveness are powerful."  "A nuanced world." -- Event.   "The true lifestyle of the ex-pat bohemian. Language that expresses the experiences of the artist's life in exile that they would choose for themselves." -- The Ultimate Hallucination (web). "Bell's observations about the human animal are acute and keenly felt." -- Prairie Journal.    For a review of No Place Fit for a Child, please see www.quillandquire.com (January 2010). His response to the Proust Questionnaire is at the Open Book Toronto website.    A scholarly article on The North Saskatchewan River Book appeared in Canadian Literature magazine (Diane Bessai, article author).


City: Calgary, Province/Territory: Alberta
Literary-commercial fiction
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