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Welwyn Katz

Welwyn Wilton Katz was born in London, Ontario, and lived after that in Kitchener, Toronto and Val David (Quebec). She has written ten novels that have been published in more than a dozen languages around the world. As well, she's had several short stories published in literary magazines, and one of her short-short stories ("You Can Take Them Back") won the grain short-short fiction contest (1992) judged by Bonnie Burnard.  She is a popular speaker at book clubs and gives readings or talks about how to write, her reasons for choosing the topics she does, and encouraging literary aspirations in young readers and their teachers, answering all questions as honestly and thoroughly as needed.  As well, she teaches creative writing to adults who like to learn how to approach the writing of fiction, creative non-fiction, and memoir.  She is a superb editor of the manuscripts of others both online and in person, and despite not being known for her own poetry she finds the most poets are grateful for her assistance.  Over seven years as writer-in-residence in public libraries and schools she has edited nearly three thousand manuscripts, and four of the novels she worked on with their writers went on to be published traditionally.  She has taught courses online, as well.  Welwyn (pronounced Wellen)  is currently working on a myth-based dystopian novel of the past, near future, and far future.  She takes great pleasure in reading (science fiction, fantasy, mystery, legal procedural; fairy tales; myths; philosophy and spiritual systems of belief).  For ten years she made a living designing and making jewelry from high quality materials (which she sold mostly on commission for people who like their jewelry to mean something more than just an attractive thing to wear), and explains all the uncommon and possible healing properties of each design.  (When there are more than 26 hours in a day she says she will build a website called to showcase and sell her jewelry, though she still makes a few pieces a year on request.)  She has fun playing jazz or classical flute, and has taught up to sixteen students a week from beginners to Royal Conservatory Grade 6 level.  She lives in the Wortley Village part of London, ON, chosen by the Canadian Architectural Association a few years ago as the best place to live in Canada.  She loves her cat Chloe, and loves her large and very dear second family Bryan, Jessie, Judy, Simon, Michelle and, of course, her husband.   She sails, traipses over bogs, trips over astonishing story ideas, tries to keep her office tidy, and believes there is more to life than meets the eye.

City: London, Province/Territory: Ontario