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Werner Zimmermann

Werner Zimmermann

Author of Snow Day (Scholastic 1999) and the Alphonse series of books, Werner also illustrates for other authors: Helaine Becker ( 2014 Libris Award winner Dashing Through the Snow & 2010  Porcupine in a Pine Tree) and Jean Little (2003 Mr Christie Award winner Pippin the Christmas Pig)


Born in Austria, he grew up in southern Ontario, where he discovered in Grade 2 a love of art and a deep dislike of books and reading.  That has since changed to the point where he now buys too many books for the time he has for reading.  He visits schools and libraries  whenever he can, speaking to chidren from JK up to young and old adults interested in creativity through picture or word.  As a drawing instructor to students studying animation at the college level he knows the importance of creativity and what books bring to the world of art and story-telling.  As well, having dicovered his love of art in primary school, he likes to share the importance of reading as well drawing to even the youngest. 

Combining art and music along with work from the studio and PP presentation, Werner strives to bring his audience, regardless of age, into the wonder of storytelling.  Having been a reluctant reader, he never forgets to inspire those like him to discover the beauty and richness of reading.

When not working on a new book, Werner  divides his time between  his art and teaching picture book illustration and life drawing to animation students at Seneca  College in Toronto.



Snow Day. Scholastic Canada, 1999.
Dashing Through the Snow (Illustrator). Scholastic, 2014
Porcupine In a Pine Tree (illustrator). Scholastic, 2010
Pippin the Christmas Pig (illustration). Scholastic, 2003
Alphonse Knows. Oxford, 1989.
FInster Frets (illustrations). Stoddart / Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1992
Pirates of Captain McKee / Whatever You Do, Don't Go Near That Canoe illust.. Scholastic Canada, 1995


Libris Award for Porcupine in a Pine Tree, 2010
Mr. Christie Book Award (illustration) for Pippin the Christmas Pig, 2003
Governor General Award Nomination (Children's Illustration) for 1996, Whatever You Do, Don't Go Near That Canoe
Governor General Award Nomination (Illustration) for Brave Highland Heart, 1999
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Interactive presentation of the creative process from idea to finished work, bringing many original examples of each stage. Included is a demonstration of drawing principles from shapes to characters. Each presentation it tailored to the age of the audience. For more info see the web site or or info@

Presentation Length:
60 min.
writing and illustrating children's books
Audience Size:
Workshop Description:


Takes the students through the stages of creation of characters from the essential simple elements to the finished work.
Grades 3<
Durations: min. half day.

Students divided into groups comprised of AUTHOR, ILLUSTRATOR, EDITOR, & ART DIRECTOR and given the challenge of working together to write, illustrate and produce the story and pictures of a children's books.

A highly charged creative atmosphere in which students learn the role of each position in publishing, and the importance of working together while respecting and valuing each other's talents. Most rewarding aspect of the workshop is the discovery of talents many never knew they had.

Begins with the signing of contracts, and ends with the presentation of awards. An Experience never forgotten.
Grades 5<
Duration: Full Day