Copyright Board of Canada Sets Important Rates for Post-Secondary Copying 

The Writers' Union of Canada
Press Release

Ottawa — The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC) welcomes a recent ruling from the Copyright Board of Canada, which set rates for the large amount of copying done by post-secondary institutions in Canada between 2011 and 2017.

“TWUC participated in the Copyright Board hearings leading to this decision,” noted TWUC Chair Anita Daher, in Ottawa for meetings about copyright review recommendations, “so we’re pleased to see a ruling after such a long wait. Canada’s writers have gone too many years without payment for all that unlicensed copying.”

Two sets of rates were announced, with a lower rate for the period 2015–17 apparently intended to reflect the impact of increased dependence on fair dealing by colleges and universities. 

“We have rates to work with,” said TWUC Executive Director John Degen, “so that’s good; and we remain confident pending court decisions will clarify that claims of fair dealing have been grossly exaggerated.”

“And of course,” added Daher, “Canada’s creative professionals are ready to engage with colleges and universities on license negotiations for their ongoing copying. That’s why we have a strong copyright collective.”

TWUC thanks the Copyright Board for its work, and continues to press federal lawmakers to clarify and strengthen the requirement to properly compensate Canada’s creative professionals when their work is copied. 

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DATE: December 12, 2019