blue circle with the text 'join the twuc legacy circle'Include TWUC in your planned giving and join the Legacy Circle. There are two ways to join:

  • Build the TWUC Legacy Fund
  • Planned giving outside the fund

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The TWUC Legacy Fund was established to enable The Writers' Union of Canada's supporters to make a meaningful commitment to the Union that extends beyond their lifetimes. The Legacy Fund is an endowment that keeps on giving year after year. The Union receives the earnings from the Fund each year, leaving the capital untouched. For example, a combined endowment of $2 million with an annual return of 5% translates into $100,000 to support the Union every year.

By giving to the TWUC Legacy Fund, you ensure that the Union's important work continues for future generations. The Legacy Fund helps the Union develop programs to improve writers' socio-economic status, and enhances the Union's organizational strength and outreach efforts through sustained funding in the years to come. The Union advocates on behalf of all writers for a stronger literary culture — one that treats artists fairly and with respect, and makes it possible for our nation's stories to continue to be told.


Planned giving is a charitable donation given immediately, on an ongoing basis, or when your estate is divided that both serves the Union's interests and suits your personal, financial, and tax situation. Planned giving gives you control in deciding how much you wish to give annually and provides you with a clear directive. You may wish to support the Union's current and ongoing work allowing the Union to determine how to use the funds based on its most pressing needs. This is greatly appreciated as it allows for flexibility regarding its use. You may instead prefer to fund a particular program or initiative of the Union.

I have made a bequest to the Legacy Fund because an endowment keeps on giving year after year. — George Melnyk

Ways to Build the Legacy Fund, Today and Tomorrow

You can help build the TWUC Legacy Fund in the following ways:

  • bequests (a set amount or percentage of your estate named in your will);
  • stocks, securities, or mutual funds;
  • future royalties designated to TWUC;
  • charitable remainder trusts or gift annuities;
  • life insurance policies;
  • RRSPs or RIFs; and
  • property (in keeping with the Union's gift policy and subject to approval).
  • Each of these types of gifts offer you different tax advantages. Talk to your financial advisor to determine what best suits your needs and circumstances.

Why Would I Consider Planned Giving?

Whether through a contribution to the Legacy Fund or outside the Fund, planned giving is beneficial in many ways. In addition to giving you control over how your assets are handled, planned giving allows you to:

  • leave a lasting legacy;
  • help ensure the longevity of the Union's programs;
  • maintain your current standard of living and not compromise your quality of life (it can be adjusted should your circumstances change); and
  • reap various tax benefits.

​Join the TWUC Legacy Circle

Donors who support the TWUC Legacy Fund or make a planned gift outside the Fund become a part of the TWUC Legacy Circle. Legacy Circle members have the choice of being publicly acknowledged for their gift or may remain anonymous. Expand the circle, join today.

There are many ways to make a lasting contribution to the Union that benefits authors. Call us at 416.703.8982 to learn more about your options.