What is the issue?

With the rise of online author services, self-publishing platforms, and affordable print-on-demand options, professionally publishing one’s own work to the book market is now an accepted and widely practiced part of the professional writing and publishing sector.

At its 2013 annual general meeting, The Writers’ Union of Canada voted to accept self-published and independent authors as members of the union. Independent authors accepted to TWUC are full members, eligible for all benefits and programs.

What TWUC is doing

The Writers’ Union of Canada has developed a number of resources aimed at authors who self-publish or who are considering going that route. TWUC advocates with awards, residencies, and funding programs to accept as equal writers of self-published work into their programs. The Writers' Union of Canada joined the UK-based Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) as an organization member, which means all TWUC members have access to ALLi’s exclusive resources for self-published authors.

What you can do

Continue to ask local libraries and bookstores to accept and stock self-published titles. Research and apply for creation grant funding as a self-published author – many funders now consider membership in The Writers’ Union of Canada as qualifying for funding applications whether you are traditionally published or self-published.

If you are considering self-publishing your own work, please see TWUC’s many resources below.

Further reading

Stronger Together

TWUC’s advocacy is most effective as the collective voice of Canada’s professional authors. We are stronger together. If you are not already a member of TWUC and are working as a writer, consider joining the Union. If you wish to support TWUC’s advocacy outside of membership, consider donating to the Union.