Let's Make History Exciting Again!

Ken McGoogan

Let's Make History Exciting Again!

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Event: Nov 8, 2023 | 07:00 AM (EST)

With the help of Adventure Canada, the climactic moment in the autumn celebrations for Searching for Franklin will come November 7 at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. The full title of the extended fete is The Adventure-Canada, Searching-for-Franklin, Ocean-to-Ocean-to-Ocean, Book-Tour Extravaganza. In 2024, it will take me east through Montreal to Atlantic Canada, and in the autumn, it will culminate in a Northwest Passage voyage. By then, someone will have won a $5,000 voucher towards the cost of joining me and Sheena aboard the Ocean Endeavour. The craft-oriented among you will find still more excitement in my Creative Nonfiction approach to writing history. Oh, and then, for those of you who can sing along with Stan Rogers' greatest hit, there is my sparkling new answer to What-Happened-to-the-Final-Franklin-Expedition? Forget lead poisoning. Forget botulism. Think trichinosis. The polar bears did it.

The Searching for Franklin Book-Tour Extravaganza.