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Benj Gallander

Benj Gallander ran away to work in the Middle East, France and Czechoslovakia, but amidst betwixt and between, wrote a best-seller and six plays and a poetry book which is a left-right hemisphere link-up and started the SummerWorks Theatre Festival and his works sold in Austria, Denmark, England, Germany and Hawaii (not a country, but a nice place to sell something) and the United States and other places and thinking of this exhausted him so he's sitting back, writing and planning how to get a publisher for his latest bizarre book which is mostly impure nonsense and isn't related to his investment letter which isn't nonsense and serious although many people believe letters about money should be seriouser but Benj ponders other stuff because the aftermath of expectations is still death and how'd that slip in unless it's because if you read this with the given punctuation you probably dropped dead unless you swim underwater a bunch.

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The Contrarian Investor's 13, How to Earn Superior Returns in the Stock Market. Penguin, 2002.
The Uncommon Investor. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 1998.
The M.B.A.-Hobo Poems. Toronto: Ralph Gonads, 1991.
Death of Parent God. Toronto: Ralph Gonads, 1991.
The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide. Toronto: Hounslow Press, 1988.
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