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Joyce Wayne


Joyce Wayne was born in Windstor, Ontario.  She attended Carleton University and Queen's University and has a M.A. in English literature. At sixty three, she published her first novel and again at sixty-seven she published her second novel, a spy thriller about a Canadian woman agent.

E-mail: c/o Writers' Union of Canada
Phone number:
c/o Writers' Union of Canada


The Cook's Temptation: a novel. Mosaic Press, 2013
Last Night of the World. Mosaic Press, 2018


Fiona Mee Award for Literary Journalism, 1980
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

It's all about students exploring their ancestry and their family memories. We'll talk about how family stories enrich our lives and how we can rely on memory as the creative spark for writing. We'll also explore family secrets and how they can become the source for releasing fears and solving issues.

Presentation Length:
2 hours
Grade 7 to 12
Audience size:
up to 35 students
Workshop Description:

The workshop will be divided into two halfs, each one hour long with a break in-beween. Students are asked to write down the most important element they know about their family's history. Next I'll show how my father's story became the basis for my most recent novel, Last Night of the World. Students will share their idea in a small group.

In the second half of the workshop, students will think of one family secret or one family event. They will write the first sentence of a short story or novella and share with their group. We'll then talk about how family history and secrets can become the spark to creativity. Students will write a first paragraph of their narrative and talk about how this writing connects them to their ancestary. Are they critical, do they fell relieved, are they proud of their history and so many more questions that will emerge?

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