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Renny deGroot

Photo: Peg McCarthy Portraits 2016

Renny deGroot is a first generation Canadian of Dutch parents. She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her debut novel, Family Business, was shortlisted for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. Her second novel, After Paris, has been well received by fans of Historical Fiction and her latest novel Torn Asunder, published late 2019 has garnered several readers’ awards including an IndieB.R.A.G Medallion, a Five Star Award from the Coffee Pot Book Club (U.K.), A Book of the Month Premier Award from Chill With A Book (U.K.), Five Star Readers’ Favorite (U.S.) and a Readers’ Pick badge from the Miramichi Reader (Canada). In 2019 Renny was commissioned to produce a coffee-table non-fiction book about the military history of her former regiment, called 32 Signal Regiment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals: A History. Renny spent ten years in the Canadian Forces, retiring as a Warrant Officer. Renny has a BA in English Literature from Trent University. She lives in rural Ontario with her Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever.

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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Family Business. Toadhollow Publishing, 2014
After Paris. Toadhollow Publishing, 2016
Torn Asunder. Toadhollow Publishing, 2019
32 Signal Regiment,Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. A History. Toadhollow Publishing, 2019
Education Guide (Cross Canada School Curriculum): Included in Lesson One Johanna Meijer Story. Liberation75 (, 2019
150 Stories and Images of Arrival: If The Shoe Fits. Northumberland County, 2017


Kobo Emerging Writer Prize (Shortlist) for Family Business, 2015
Readers' Favorite International Book Contest: Honorable Mention for Torn Asunder, 2020
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

Choice of:

1. WW1 high level background, deeper dive into human perspective centered in France - using my novel After Paris as focal point (Dutch nurse in Paris);

2. WW2 focus on Netherlands conditions, human cost - using my novel Family Business (shortlisted for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize) as focal point for discussion and examples; or

3. The Irish Rising (1916) and years following during the Civil War. High level look at the groups and goals of the opposing sides, using the human element as the lens - focal point is my novel Torn Asunder.

4. Signalling in Canada: An introduction to the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals as told through the eyes of soldiers who experienced the early (WW1 and WW2 focus) years of the Signals, especially from the Toronto area. This draws on material from my non-fiction book: 32 Signal Regiment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, A History.


Presentation Length:
1 hour or as desired by client
Historical Fiction
7 and up
Audience size:
10 - 100
Workshop Description:

An interactive discussion based on short readings and photos - drawing on student experiences to make the discussion relevant to today's world.

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