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Sara Lee De Waard

Born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks, teacher, author and screenwriter Sara de Waard uses her past to create present and future pieces that comfort, inspire and entertain a wide range of audiences. She hopes to always find ways to give back to her heritage, communities, family and peers. Her long writing journey has never been easy but it's been a surefire catharsis that enables her to heal, feel and thrive. Sara is mom to two amazing kids, Isaac and Ava, who will never be too big to fit in her loving arms. She is thankful to them, always, as she knows that chasing her dreams took its toll. Accolades include: WHITE LIES novel in publication (DCB/Cormorant Books, coming 2022), screenwriting competition nods: Two-time 2nd Rounder Austin Writer's Conference (WAKING CHARLIE & DEFY), Page Semi-Finalist (DINNER FOR FOUR), Sundance Table Read Honourable Mention (TRAINWRECK).

City: Toronto, Province/Territory: Ontario