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M. H. Callway

Photo: Ed Callway 2008
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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


World Enough and Crime. Carrick Publishing, 2014
Windigo Fire. Seraphim Editions, 2014
Thirteen. Carrick Publishing, 2013
Thirteen O'clock. Carrick Publishing, 2014
Glow Grass and Other Tales. Carrick Publishing, 2016
13 Claws. Carrick Publishing, 2017
"The Seeker" in The Dame was Trouble. Coffin Hop Press, 2018
"The Cry" . Mystery Weekly Magazine, 2018
"Brain Worm" in In the Key of 13. Carrick Publishing, 2019
"The Eternal Bakery of the Fractal Mind" in A Grave Diagnosis. Carrick Publishing, 2020


Finalist, Derringer Award for The Ultimate Mystery, 2015
Winner, Bony Pete for The Lizard, 2012
Finalist, Unhanged Arthur for Gunning for Bear (retitled Windigo Fire), 2012
Finalist, Debut Dagger for The Land of Sun and Fun (retitled Windigo Fire), 2009
Golden Horseshoe, Crime Writers of Canada for Kill the Boss, 2005
Finalist, Arthur Ellis Best First Novel Award for Windigo Fire, 2015
Finalist, Arthur Ellis Best Novella Award for Glow Grass in 13 O'clock, 2016
Finalist, Arthur Ellis Best Novella Award for Snake Oil in 13 Claws (Carrick Publishing), 2018
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

I describe how I developed as a crime fiction writer and the challenges I overcame in developing my craft and in getting published. I describe the difficulties sometimes faced by Canadian crime writers, especially women.

I find that an interactive presentation engages students and allows me to give them the information they will find interesting and valuable. It allows aspiring new writers to come forward and to get involved in the discussion.

At the end of the session, I do a short reading from my work. Young people do enjoy my thriller, Windigo Fire, because the two protagonists are young and they do get the better of the villain. One of my protagonists is Native Canadian, which also appeals to students.

My book contains no strong language and the violence is off-stage and not graphic or gratuitous.

Presentation Length:
1 to 1.5 hr
Crime Fiction
Grade 8 and up
Audience size:
Up to 50
Workshop Description:


I give regular 1 to 1.5 hour presentations at the Toronto Public Library to aspiring writers on How to Get Published.

My talk consists of a seminar where I outline the strategies that helped me to find a publisher for my debut novel, Windigo Fire. I prefer the session to be interactive and I always allow plenty of time for questions so that I may share my knowledge with the audience.

At the end of the seminar, participants receive a hand-out with notes and resources on how to get published.

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