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Parveen Kaur

Photo: Parveen Kaur 2013

I have published two books of poems in Hindi, the National Language of India. Dehri Pe Ruk Ja" and "Main Mand Sameer Se Anandit." I also wrote and published a book of of short stories in Punjabi," Par Kiyoon" and a book of poems in Punjabi," Rahan Ne Wan Suwaniyyan".

My short Stories are published in:



Pippal Ton Maple Tuk

Canadin Imprints

Literary Brain Storming

Upto New Heights


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Main Mand Sameer. Aadhar Prakashan , 1992
Dehri Pe Rook Ja. Hemkunt Press, 1994
Rahan Ne Van Suvaniyan. Chetna Parkashan, 2015
Par Kiyoon. Unistar, 2017
Canadian Imprints. Writers and Editors Network Network, 2011
Literary Brain Storming. Jean Casey Writers and Poets Group, 2017
Up To New Heights. Jean Casey Writers and Editors Group, 2018
Koonjan. Punjabi Women Writers of Canada, 2014
Pippal ton Maple Tuk. Punjabi Kalman Da Kafla, 2001
Kaviyautpal. Hindi Sahitiya Sabha, 2009
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