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Susan McIver

Susan McIver was born in Hutchinson, Kansas and moved with her family to Southern California as a small child. After graduating from the University of California at Riverside, she earned a PhD at Washington State University.  She was a professor at the University of Toronto with appointments to the Faculty of Medicine and a department chair a the University of Guelph. Subsequently, she served as a community coroner in British Columbia. Susan is the author of hundreds of scientific publications and articles for the popular press. She has written two books on patient safety--Medical Nightmares: The Human Face of Errors and with Robin Wyndham of After the Error: Speaking Out About Patient Safety, which won a gold medal in health and medicine presented by the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Her most recent book, Long Time Dead: My Investigation into the Unsolved Murder of Ralph Wilson Snair, untangles the mystery of her great uncle's death six decades later.

City: Penticton, Province/Territory: British Columbia
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